Personal Color Analysis by Kara

Personal Color Analysis is understanding that every part of your natural coloring is in harmony with every other part.

Your eyes, skin and true hair color all complement each other perfectly, exactly as they are. To look your most beautiful, you don’t need to wear expensive makeup or expensive clothes. You only need to identify the palette of colors that harmonizes perfectly with the colors that are already in you.

The natural palette of your body harmonizes with one of 12 palettes that differ in warmth, chroma (brightness), and value (lightness). We call these different palettes seasons.


What is 12-Tone Personal Color Analysis?

It is a process of comparing various colors (drapes) on you to determine your personal color tone. Based in science, this system was developed by the highly acclaimed Certified Master Munsell Colorist, Kathryn Kalisz. Her 12-tone program built upon the traditional 4-seasonal approach of the 1980’s to include the other two-thirds of the population who are more neutral in skin tone, neither totally warm, nor totally cool.

Each of us has a code built right in. I can decipher that code using a logical and systematic approach to help you look your very best in the outfits and makeup you select.  Learn how to walk in to those daunting racks of clothing at retail stores and effortlessly eyeball the correct colors for you. Why continue to stare blankly at the racks in the stores and select items with little color range? Why just play it safe picking an array of grey to layer over each other? Why just pick what the flavor of the month….that latest frenzy over nude lipstick, or aubergine everything.  Sure, we can get a feeling for what colors look nice on us from the compliments we gather and recall, but is it the hue? or the value? or the chroma? We sometimes say, “Oh, I don’t look good in yellow, or I don’t look good in green”, but wouldn’t it be nice to open up your array of colors to see that there is a yellow and green  for you!  Try adding up the money you’ve spent on the clothing you rarely wear and instead, IMAGINE a closet with perhaps fewer, but perfectly harmonized clothing that belongs to your personal code of color found naturally within you.

  • Training takes up to 4 hours and the fee is $320
  • Please arrive with makeup free.
  • Bring up to 20 pieces of clothing and your makeup bag.


My Training

  • 12-Tone Personal Color Analysis Method by a certified Sci\ART™ method- trained under Terry Wildfong, of Your Natural Design /
  • Hair stylist/colorist
  • AA Interior Design Long Beach City College
  • Bachelor of Science, Design and Merchandising, Oregon State University


Other Services Available After Analysis:

  • Individualized Pinterest Board After Analysis $20
  • Closet Deconstruction After Analysis-  $90/Hour
  • Guided Shopping After Analysis – $90/Hour
  • Makeup Overview After Analysis $20


Useful Links

  • Image Analysis by Rachel Nachmias/
Before and After

Donna, before and after. Soft Summer

My whole wardrobe has changed for the better-I just grab and go and it all matches! No more fretting over what to wear. - Donna    

Q & A

If you've never heard of personal color analysis before, you probably have a lot of questions!
We're here to help. If you don't see your question below, feel free to call us any time!

  • What is Personal Color Analysis?

    Personal Color Analysis is the process of finding colors of clothing and makeup to enhance and compliment a person's skin complexion, eye color, and hair color.

  • How much does personal color analysis cost?

    Personal Color Analysis with a makeup overview is $320.

  • What if I don't like my new palette?

    Believe it or not, some people may feel very uncomfortable in their new color palette. Sometimes when this happens I suggest going slowly and trying a few of the colors you do enjoy wearing for the first few weeks, and then slowly pulling in more and more colors. The colors we look best in may be foreign to us a first, but they will begin to feel right and good as you open up to the many colors of your palette.

  • Why do I need to know my colors anyway?

    Well, it enhances us! It creates a formula for looking fabulous even when grabbing an outfit and racing out the door. Why not be that person that always seems to be "pulled-together" and "bright-eyed"!? You deserve to be secure and proud of your wardrobe. We only have so many minutes in the day, so make it easy and know your best colors. You'll never look back, I promise!

  • Am I going to try to match the color squares on the fan?

    We are not necessarily trying to match a color square, but the overall feeling and colors of the fan. If you take a blouse and toss your fan on top of it in good lighting, does it harmonize and fit in? If so, then try it on! Don't panic when shopping-just be patient and you'll start building an amazing wardrobe.