Kara grew up in Southern California surrounded by artists, color and design. She loved art from childhood through her college career, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Merchandising and Design from Oregon State.

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Kara Dollahite

Her senior project on Men’s Color Analysis helped set the stage for her future in Personal Color Analysis. Kara also earned her certificate in Interior Design and worked for an international model home design company, propelling her interest in many aspects of design. When her first child was born, she created Wee Wear, a children’s clothing line, in which she hosted trunk shows in Nordstrom, boutiques and private homes. As her kids grew up, she earned her Cosmetology license and soon after opened her own boutique salon. Kara’s fascination with color and design, along with her varied paths in business, all converged and lead to her career as both and personal color analyst and hair colorist/stylist, which she named Studio K.

Kara decided to pull in Personal Color Analysis after discovering how many of her guests were wearing and desiring all the wrong hair color and highlights. She needed answers! Why do some people look amazing in their chosen hair colors and others just fade in to the background? Why do some people sparkle and others fizzle out when wearing a certain color as opposed to another that seems not too far off the first ? Could just a touch of brown or grey in blue or red make that much difference? Kara started researching and pulled from her design background, hair color education and aspects of the color wheel she had always thought she’d known, but not in relation to our skin tones. After endless research, she found the 12-tone system, which is based in the Sci Art method, conceived by Katheryn Kalisz.

Other ideas/backstory-
Color we wear should be an extension of us, we should feel at home in our colors…
I was analyzed as a winter by my mother’s analyst when I was four, back when there were 4 seasons. Yes, a four year-old can be draped! I never had a fan or really knew this until I was older. Then when I was in college, I was told I was a spring by someone who came in to our sorority house and did a presentation. I remember her saying that since I had freckles mad green eyes so I was a spring. Luckily I didn’t feel right in the colors and clung to my roots as a winter. She was very rushed and had 12 of us in the room and did not drape or compare colors. When I was 30, a friend started working for a cosmetic company that specialized in home parties and she was sure I was an autumn or spring. I wore some of her recommendations and went with it for a few years. People would ask me I felt well and I haphazard clothes shopping became frustrating. I didn’t quite know where I fit in. My mom had her palette and looked quite good in her colors but I never …